Thursday, February 26, 2009


Although posted in 2007 on Hidden Diaries blog, a totally Greek language blog, i feel that it's a good idea this to be reposted here.We got here a litle greek underground diamond of synth/experimental music. Featuring members of Psygio-Psygio ,this tape is a great retrospective of a very underrated band.Minimal synth sounding (reminding Sad Lovers and giants,Fra Lippo Lippi.Trisomie 21, Dark Day,etc.) with female vocals,blending dark atmospheres ,angst .Members after splitting up formed Psygio-Psygio and Dirty Saints .This is their only release.NOT TO BE MISSED!
get this gem here


Anonymous said...

I loved some of the catchy instrumentation melodies from them.

Anonymous said...

Ellinas eisai, e? Evge gia to eksairetiko sou Blog file! Akousa polla omorfa pragmata edw pera! Pou ta vriskeis re thirio tetoia diamantia?