Thursday, February 19, 2009


the Swiss prog equivalent of a Monte Cristo sandwich, simultaneously fried/hammy/cheesy/syrupy/sugary, filled with questionable flavor contrasts and also rather delicious in spite of all that, with bits and bobs passingly resembling Pythagoras, mid 70's Tangerine Dream, Wapassou, Marathon Life and, especially French synthesist Didier Paquette (posted long ago by me), who manages the same hat trick as Kashmir in distilling inspired (if perhaps unintentional) peculiarity from the superficially dubious through curious choices of instrumental voicings and effects.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe you've found this one. Thank you for all the great music. Sebastian

Anonymous said...

Great post! This is a real obscure gem.

BTW, any chance you can re-up George Jinda's "Wheel of Love"?


Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

wonderful post.
thank you

Anonymous said...

I completely forgot about this until now, used to listen to this ages ago, don't know where i had it from, nor where it is now. Thanks for posting it here. Amazing blog btw

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to upload this one:
Kashmir - Je Suis... (1979)
It's the best album of Kashmir

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to upload this one:
Kashmir - Je Suis... (1979)
It's the best album of Kashmir

Anonymous said...

Usually I' m more progressive rock than your stuff ! But for instance, I find KASHMIR really pleasant , beautiful textures and melodies ! Thank you , great !


ufo said...

Thanks for this one, never heard of it is most pleasing to my ears.
The breadth of postings by all of you is inspiring.
Even if i don't download a title your descriptions keep me interested and send me off on further searches.
Tanx again!

Maury Souza said...


Do you have Christian Von Eschersheim's Sommernachtstraum from Sky records? I've been looking for it everywhere.



Anonymous said...

thank you!

Unknown said...

Hello everybody !

It's Nice to hear your comments for this music !

I'm Raphaël and I'm the son of Patrice Guenat who is the creator, compositor and musician from Kashmir ! :)

This album (Alarme)was for the Europe, there is another one called "Je suis" and it was for Switzerland only, but it contents the same songs.

This album was recorded in Montreux (Switzerland) in the Mountain Studio (which belonged to the group Queen at this time)and was recorded, mixed and mastered by David Richards (Sound ingeneer for Queen, Bowie, Brian Adam's, Michael Jackson, Yes, etc...)

This album was a success ! but the producer of my father (Lasfarguette) keep all the money from the sales........ and so my father never had enough money to do such an album......

He did 2 others albums which were sold in Switzerland only. They called "Histoire cruelle" and "Les reflets du lac". I'm sure you would appreciate these ones too !

Last years he had too much works so he didn't have enough time to play music unfortunately....... But now he is working hard on several songs and perhap's something will be created with that next few months or years :)

Sorry for my english, I would explain that more easily if it was in french but I hope this explanations would satisfy you ! :o)

You could write to me an e-mail if you want to speak more about that or if you want me to send the others album ;o)

See you

Raphaël Guenat

vdoandsound said...

Raphaël-thanks for all the interesting information! I'd be very interested to receive the Histoire cruelle and Les reflets du la albums you mention. Never heard of them before, but if they're in the mode of the Kashmir LP, I'd be happy to share them on Mutant Sounds. You can email me at: Thanks!


klockwerk said...

Many thanks Raphaël and Mutant-Sounds. I bought alot of Europian vinyl 30+ years ago. It's so wonderful to hear some of it again, especially as rare as this is in the USA. Tell your dad thanks!

Anonymous said...

salut raphael je ne suis pas bien sur mais il me semble que tu parles francais,

je m appelle Nathanael Weil et je fais quelques recherche sur mon pere presumé : didier lasfarguette
tu as mentionné son nom et il semblerai que ton pere le connaisse

je te serais reconnaissant de me repondre en m envoyant un mail ( cela pourrais etre tres interessant !


Art60 said...

Merci !!!
C'est tout simplement fantastique de retrouver ici cet album unique et fantastique qui m'a tant fait rêver dans ma jeunesse.
Je n'arrive pas à joindre Raphaël, j'aimerais tant avoir plus de liens vers les évolutions du groupe, de Patrice Guenat lui même, sa musique.
Ecouter quelques extraits des autres albums "Histoire Cruelle" et "Les reflets du lac".
Autant Alarme! mixait avec brio instruments symphoniques et synthés analogiques de l'époque (Moog, peut-être ?)
Avec la révolution numérique, que nous a t il préparé ? Je suis vraiment impatient.
Merci pour toute réponse !

David said...



Ran across this post and am delighted.
I remember cutting JN album
while engineer and op manager
for Virco Recording. After Virco closed and Put many masters into storage, The original masters
exist yet today some 28 years later.
If the Producer is interested they can be uncovered/unearthed
at some point.

Maybe a remastering????

Best always, david