Thursday, February 19, 2009


Over the course of Tomato, this under-recognized electronic composer from the former DDR slowly unfurls a tenebrous and derelict world of discarded electroacoustic fragments, which are either knocked about in dank caverns or cajoled into looped disjuncts; most of them leisurely sprawling, concatenating or entropically corroding in their own dank little orbits by dint of a set of aesthetic stances that place this in proximity to both Anne Gillis and Thomasius' frequent sparring partner, Asmus Tietchens at the most frosty end of his tether.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting post. I actually produced this LP, along with Gen Ken, having smuggled the tapes through the Berlin wall.

Jorg is/was a wonderful person. It is difficult to describe how challenging his circumstances for making music were in those times. We no longer have contact and I am sad about this. THis LP is a good window into the small underground music scene in East Berlin at that time. Enjoy! --David Prescott

Anonymous said...

Just one more thing:

About the title:

"Tomato" was a nickname/joke on "Thomasius."


zeke said...

Thanks so much for posting this wonderful record and there's a comment from one of the producers, wow!!!