Thursday, February 19, 2009


A creme de la creme assortment of roguish wits from the fringes of various sub-undergrounds of the era (many of whom have been individually featured on MS) proceed to blanch, mince, macerate and cheerfully fling about fragments of Strauss' hoary old chestnut, The Blue Danube Waltz, the results served up in delectable bite-sized morsels of a minute-or-so. Yes, this may qualify to some extent as a one-dimensional exercise in snark, but it manages to wring a helluva lot of fun out of the process, even if the endless iterations of this brainworm over the long haul can leave you feeling a bit like you're trapped on a carousel.

Track Listing:

1. Bene Gesserit-Bathroom, Sunday Morning
2. Look De Bouk-Dix Selections Du Fleuve
3. Peter Kunz-Walwaltz
4. Rainer Linz-Disrythmic Etude
5. Jean-Claude Charlier Et Son Orchestre-Le Beau Danube Bleu
6. F.A.R.-Il Bel Danubio Blu-Notte
7. Fuoku-Black Wine (For Dear Mr. Strauss)
8. Frontal Rizzotto-Le Beau Gars Nu Bleu
9. Pilvarta Kopilmop-Blu Blo Bli Ble Bla
10. Dieter P-A Corpse For Mermaids
11. Victor Nubla-Le Beau Danube Bleu (Perquez)
12. T.U.F.-Blue Danube
13. 48 Cameras-Dead Waters
14. Sttellla-Le Beau Danube Bleu
15. Les Souplards Torves-An Den Schonen Blauer Donau
16. Monty Cantsin-Under The Williamsburgh Bridge
17. Kaoru Todoroki-An Der Schonen Blauen Donau (Utsukushiki Aoki Donau)
18. Dr. Finne C. Renfer-Cher Johann
19. Morgan Fisher-Just Beneath The Surface Of The Water
20. Fabio Martini-Variation For Four Clarinets On The Theme Of The Johann Strauss' Blue Danube
21. Pilvarta Kopilmop-Bla Ble Bli Blo Blu
22. Dissidents-An Der Schonen Blauen Donau
23. Lieutenant Caramel-Untitled
24. Det Wiehl-Gondless
25. The Dead Goldfish Ensemble-The Blue Danube
26. Bourbonese Qualk-Northern Soul
27. Armando Velasco Torres-The Blue Blue Danube
28. Guido-Ad Vienne Qui Pourr
29. Klimperei-El Be Debe
30. Betsy Morales-Le Beau Danube Bleu

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mutantsounds said...

OH man!you beated me once again!EXCELLENT POST!

Anonymous said...

Though he didn't beat me, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Is that an actual dried fish included in the LP packaging??

Anonymous said...

You guys are gonna make us OD on good music. Thank you? I think.

vdoandsound said...

continuo-that'll teach me to look up an album more than a week in advance of posting it to see if it's gone up elsewhere yet! Don't worry, though. You've gotten there before me on about 30-40 or so titles that I'd planned to share by now :-)

Actually, a couple of weeks back, I spent around 3-4 hours to transfer and write reviews for the two Local International comp tapes only to find them newly posted your site the very DAY I was to going to share them! I guess it's inevitable when a blog owner's sensibility is as close to ours as yours is...

Unknown said...

Try this on for size

Unknown said...

New blog -- enjoy guys

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where I can find Utakata no Hibi by Mariah? I found one great song from them, but I can't seem to find anything else. If anyone could help me find this album or anything else from Mariah I would greatly appreciate it. If you can help, please email me at

howardbobjohnson said...

2 and 1/2 hours of my homemade cassettes: Street Smell Concorde Breakfast Volvo Jungle Mist Europe on TV Wave Runners

Maestro said...


I just have one chance or finding a nice but rare album.

It's an album released in 1986 by "HELMUT TEUBNER".

1986 - Foresee

As this one was released on Magnetic cassette I can't find it anywhere.
I hope someone here can share this rare one.

His second album "1987 - In the Air " was released on LP and is nice too.

But I mostly crave for the first one.


Anonymous said...

Hi , I'm looking for Die Egozentrischen 2 - Der Aufstand Der Chemiker Lp link , Can you Help me ? THNKSSSSS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

vdoandsound, is it possible to post the prepared "Local International" cassette compilation Volume 1 (1-14), please?
It is not on Continuo's blog.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

a very interesting compilation focalized-obsessed on this piece of human poetry of all time. Results are pretty good, a weird listening experience.
thanks as usual!