Friday, February 13, 2009


Having traced a course from the Zappa-fied dadaist detournements of his formative May '68 unit Red Noise to the post-Heldon/Lard Free electro-acid prog soundscaping of his late 70's work in Spacecraft (both of which can be found elsewhere on the blog), this French freak supreme's deeds would secure him near sainthood in a sane universe, but alas, with only a seasoned core of collector kooks to fly his flag, critical work of the caliber evidenced on this long-disappeared tape can manage to corrode in obscurity. longer. Now you too can experience the charge of rolling these lysergic chestnuts around on your sense organs; their liquid drifts of kosmiche electronics and cross-cutting percolations still bearing distinct traces of Spacecraft's ominous acid melt, though in the main, (barring an apropos-of-nothing blast of acid rockin' Chrome-ian dystopia at the beginning of side B), the poison has been repurposed into a psychoactive balm whose constituent elements are more queerly Cluster-fied than proactively clusterfucked. Note: the way the first track on side A abruptly begins and the odd cut-off (and unlisted) fragment that ends the same side may seem like errors, but they're precisely the way that Eurock issued this tape.

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fuzztunnel said...

Ooooh, very excited about this one... THANKS!

genericPlacebo said...

once again, excellent, if only it were available on CD or vinyl I would definitely seek it out!

thanks for the otherness!
retsiw in Texas

sm88 said...

This sounds amazing. I would very much like more of his recordings.

Anonymous said...

thanx from urkenny