Sunday, February 15, 2009

Roberto Cacciapaglia -Sonanze,LP,1975,Italy

Following my previous post ,ages ago, of Roberto Cacciapaglia's Ann Steel LP, here is his first attempt from 1975.Cosmic synth sounds all through with a blend of experimentlism.A true masterpiece.Here's a review from his own website:
"The need to write on the inside of this album does not signify a need to “explain it”, also because it would be both a utopian and senseless task, but rather to help individuate its difficult collocation and clarify its origin and aspirations. The first concrete contact, I believe, resides in the title, SONANZE, indicative, in my opinion, of a work that finds itself at the crossroads of two musical structures: one (ASSONANZE, harmony, tonality) dictated in genre by sensibility; the other (DISSONANZE, atonality, destructive force of the traditional classical structures), useful “in its time”. I say in its time because I think that the so-called “modern” music immediately undergoes an aging process and Sonances of nonsense and that in this day it has become “traditional”, that is it challenges the too atonality, too many aesthetic and discriminatory problems for a subject that should be taken and liberally manipulated towards the limits of the maximum intensity of the creative process, beyond the technical, the only real element of impediment in the relationship between listener and author. I am aware, unfortunately, to be late by a couple of millenniums with respect to how I would like music to be intended and that in this day and age I find it diluted in its primary powers, in a time period that destructing essential values. For this very reason, I want to search deeply and not superficially for it, possibly altering the knob of a synthesizer to that of a marranzano."
Note: link removed as this is now back in print from Wah Wah records


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this one (and for all the others...)!! François de Roubaix meets Philip Glass on the beach.
i'm going to sleep well.

RTC said...

This is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I would bet dollars to donuts that this is a superbly executed hoax by Peter Serafinowicz:
His "Look Around You" show is exactly on this type of anachronistic-recreation tip.

Mystery Poster said...

Hey donut genius, this is very "real":


the saucer people said...

Thanks so much for sharing this record.

As far as I can work out, this album and the Hydrus 'Midnight In Space' & the Elektikus 'Electronic Mind Waves' were the only Italian electronica releases on the PDU label (all the rest being German Kosmische licensing deals and the like)though I am happy to be corrected...In my opinion all three albums stand out as classic examples of seventies Italo-electronica.

As for the idea put forward by a previous comment that this is a clever 'hoax' by the comedian Peter Serafinowicz, god do these people not even do a little cursory background check before leaving their stupid innane comments...just to add to the link MT have already put up:

Art Simon said...

An astounding, wonderful record. This one was unknown to me. Thanks so much!

klockwerk said...

Thank you ever so much, this is one of harder to find "Kosmische Musik" albums. Salute!