Saturday, February 7, 2009

Radio Noisz Ensemble -Yniverze,LP,1982,Germany

"This band emerged out of the ashes of Emma Myldenberger and they made this fantastic album of enthralling ethnic music (especially from the Middle East), although some traces of European folk music can be heard as well. Remarkable is the extensive use of oboe as a lead instrument on the album. Yniverze is essential listening for anyone into bands such as Third Ear Band, Between, Aktuala, Clivage and Oregon. "
01. Double Spring Code I/II
02. Serenade Central
03. Space Fasching
04. Der Schδfer Von Rotterdam
05. Der Chrybische Printz/Prettie Fiona a) Chrybian Waltz b) Fiona Dagda c) Waltz 2/Finale
06. Yniverze (Improvisation)
One of the most beautiful 80s acid/folk German LPs . Great soundscapes, all instrumental, with much use of flute and zither, dreammy atmospheres.Comparisons can be made with Clivage, Brosselmachine, Between,etc. Obvious influences of middle eastern music tradition . Posted years ago on Prog Not Frog blog,but link seems to be dead.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!
This is exactly the kind of music I love : a mix of folk and progressive trends, naive and yet very sophisticated...
I often find good music thanks to your blog but this one is really EXCELLENT!
Great post, thank you so much!


Dokimos said...

thnx for this one guys!