Thursday, February 26, 2009


Solo project of Þorsteinn Magnússon,guitarist of the legendary band Þeyr and session guitarist for the band Psychic TV on their Those Who Do Not LP. Released his only album LIF under his alias Stanya through Gramm Records in 1982.A dark ritualistic masterpiece with experimental edges bleding the dark long night of Iceland ,with all the legends of icelanding tradition living here. Reminding much early Psychick TV projects and Virgin Prunes early stuff in parts.

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icastico said...

I loved Þeyr's stuff back in the day. Never heard of this one. Cool.

Anonymous said...

I have "Geyser - Anthology Of The Icelandic Independent Music Scene Of The Eighties".
and wanted the stanya album for ages

thanks alot

icastico said...

I've been surprised that Geyser Anthology hasn't been posted on someone's blog. It was a great collection.

You should check out

Dokimos said...

thanks for this guys