Thursday, February 26, 2009

VK 88 - Alles über Atemtechnik ,MLP,1981,Germany

Impossible to find mini LP released on Der Letzte Schrei ! label(known for the releases of ALU).Seems there are interconnections with ALU ,who are interconnected also with SAND(the 70s folk/psych/experimental band whose LPs Ultrasonic Seraphim and Golem, where re-released by David Tibet on World Serpent label in the 90s). The sound is experimental/minimal synth NDW reminding Suicide,Monoton,etc. They have also released a tape on the same label (anone who can provide it?).
get this gem here


Anonymous said...

thanks so much for this one...absolutely great! hope to hear the cassette "transitkassette" onr day too..

Anonymous said...

For me the best gem, that I never have listen here ! so Great thanks a lot, it's absolutly perfect.