Sunday, January 6, 2008

Wild Havana-st,LP,1977.Netherlands

Great and unknown album from Netherlands.Released in 1977 it's a beautiful strange psych prog LP with abstract compositions ,experimental edges and somy funk(!) hints.No infos on the band were found.

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Anonymous said...

Johan Smit-Guitars, Bass, Mandolin, Autoharp, Percusion.

Cor Smit-Flutes, Harmonica

Keess Engelhart-Electric Piano

Their privately released album (recorded on a 4-track deck and supplemented by a drum machine) contained instrumental music, mainly funky jazz-rock with a hint of psychedlia.

Taken from Secented Gardens of the Mind

Anonymous said...

Wow!Wild Havana is really really cool. I'm listenig to it as I write this and I'm enjoying the hell out of it. Yeah its beautifui and haunting and The Peacock.... the opening cut floored me. What ever they're ingesting in the Netherlands.....I gotta get me some..ahahaha. Thanx M S for another great post. You have turned me on to many fine LP's..regards, John the rookie.

Anonymous said...

the malvasia record is wonderful
anyone has it?

Electric Voodoo said...

Fantastic. I'm Catching up now, Jim. This is flipping me out.

fredheadset said...

here is some information about the band, albeit in dutch

Johan Smit said...

Hi I’m Johan Smit and surprised about popping up the Wild Havana album after so many years.
There actually never was a band and I recorded the tracks on my 4 track tape recorder together with my brother. I played the string instruments and my brother the flutes.
In these day’s there were not much effect devices as well and I developed some of them.
The drum machine was subtracted from a Hammond Organ and I made some modifications to the electronic circuits. The guitar strings were surrounded by wool to damp the sound as you can hear in the fast solo’s. Great to read so much exciting reviews about the project.
Regard, Johan Smit
For more information please email to or call +31 615964093