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Formed as a one-man project by K.Sören Bengtsson in an attempt to relive early 1970’s style space/psych/acid-rock. After a few demos, home recording of full album material begins. Half finished he is joined by Juha Nurmenniemi and they complete the recording together.In 1994 the recording of Daybreak begin. First recording as a proper band and regarded as a space-rock classic. Still mostly home recorded and this time even released on Bengtsson's own label SBm. This CD finally gives the band some reputation and gigs in Europe follow. Two members leave during 1994. They are replaced by Marcus Pehrsson from Last Laugh. New songs with a more psychedelic/progressive approach than before are near completed when artist friend Sputnic comes up with the idea and story for a sci-fi concept album and the band approves. They continue to work on both projects until Italian label Black Widow records ask them to record a follow up to Daybreak. This is recorded in three (!) hectic days before they get back to the conceptual idea. Sundqvist rejoins the band and a few weeks later Björn Jacobson is invited too. By December they act as backing band to ex. Hawkwind legend Nik Turner under the guise of HawXtaR.

DARXTAR - DARXTAR Acid Tapes TAB071 Jan 1991 MC withdrawn prior to CD release DARXTAR - DARXTAR Spm/wwr CD0029 Dec 1991 CD 1000 copies made
DARXTAR - DARKER Garageland GRCD005 Apr 1993 CD 700 copies made
DARXTAR - DAYBREAK SBm CDA001 Aug 1994 CD 1000 copies made
DARXTAR - STARLOG 1990-1994 SBm MCC001 Jul 1995 MC 50 copies made
DARXTAR - SJU Black Widow Records BWR012 Jan 1996 LP 500 copies made Black Widow Records BWRCD012-2 Jan 1996 CD 1000 copies made SBm CDA002 May 1996 CD 500 copies made, re-release with redesigned booklet
DARXTAR - HAWXTAR SBm CDR001 July 1997 CD-R Official bootleg with Nik Turner 100 numbered copies made
DARXTAR - TOMBOLA Record Heaven RHCD66 Nov 2001 CD
WE CAME TOO LATE Nasoni Records 044 (vinyl) & CD044 December 2005
One of the best current space rock acts akin to Hawkwind,early Pink Floyd,etc.This will appeal to fans of Ozric Tentacles, early Floyd, Mr.Quimby's Beard, Spacehead, Liquid Sound Company, Mandra Gora Lightshow Society,Acid Mothers Temple and possibly even Monster Magnet. Released privately in 1994 in 1000 copies and long disappeared from the market.
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soundhead said...


thanks mutantsounds.

Ingvar Johansson said...

Many years ago I set up an interview with one of the two original members (don't remember which one). We decided to meet at Stockholm Central station, in an area of the station that is a famous meeting place for gay men. Anyway the Darkxtar guy told me he would be wearing a Hawkwind T-shirt, I could choose which album cover he would wear. I waited expecting him to be late but after an hour I started to think about leaving. Then a man wearing a Levis jacket and a white shirt asked me if I was to meet someone from Darkxtar. When I asked him about the T-shirt he told me he had it on under the shirt...

Anonymous said...

Ah, great to see this one on the net. It's been out of print for a long time, so I don't mind if it's put out on your blog, or any other. Keep up bringing good music to the people!!!
BTW, that was me who did that interview.
Juba (former bass player with Darxtar)

Anonymous said...

A lot of hard work was put into that recording. Glad you enjoyed it. The drums and bass was recorded in a shitty studio on a dying 24 tracker and the rest I did at home on an Otari 5050 mkII 1" 8 tracker.

Kudos to Steve Lines for that cover art!

Hi Juba, I guess you don't mind us putting it out on da web for free then? ;^)

K.Soren / darXtar

Kozmik.A said...

WOW!!! Bought this when it came out,lost it somewhere down t'road,been looking for it ever since... Awesome, thanks...L ooking forward to seeing them at Sonic Rock this summer.....hiweara

Anonymous said...

A labyrinth of sounds......

thanks mutantsounds.