Monday, January 28, 2008

Jim Collins-Music Performed by The High Mass,LP,2000(?),USA

Although Eric promised to post this,i had it already ripped it with my copy of Terry LP.So Eric was faster with Terry,i think he wouldn't mind if i post this instead.Excellent dark psych folk LP Tery related.Soon coming Damien Youth recordings that seems to be interconnected also.


Anonymous said...

Once again - much thanks... nice to have someone to the vinyl transfer for you with decent equipment and a great copy of the record.


Anonymous said...

thanks! most appreciated...

Nick Williams said...

Check this out:
I created a website about this guy and his music to try to keep the record straight and help out folks who are trying to find out about these records. I have a physical copy of Terry, Collins, Sample and the box set, but I've never even heard the audio of any of these on the list below, save for the brief samples of the two "cosmic jazz" lps on the waxidermy forum. I would be so grateful if some one could share a rip of any or all of these OR sell me a copy:

The Surprise Symphony CD (1998 Blackberry Records)
Magic Island "Small" CD (1998 Blackberry Records)
Zelda Rising LP (2005 ?)
Life Lives LP (2005 Delta Records)
Tommy Roundtree "Jungle Blood" LP (Free Ride 2007)
Gary K. "Open Air Ceremony" LP (??)

and any added information or corrections would be great!