Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Barons-Home recordings,CD,1979-1980/2002,Australia

The Barons were Michael T's project just as M2 started up. Obviously played by people still learning their instruments and with the influence of the Residents hovering benignly, there are some great, funny moments, most obviously captured by their version of Paint It Black - later released on the Growing Pains compilation.(description from No Night Sweats ).
Stunning Residential freaked out recordings!

get it here and here


Anonymous said...


i love this blog. it was an inspiration for me to start my own musicblog. if you'd be so kind I'd like you to link my blog.

thank you!

Klangmaschinen said...

Thanks for the M-Squared Stuff. There must be more... :))

I remember those tapes, they even made it to us in Germany. Paper-boxes about the size of nowadays CDs filled with exciting sounds. I remeber one tape with banging on plastic tubes and blowing in them, just like the Bluemen-Group show circus nowdays, but more, ehm, listneable? ;)

Great posts!
Thanx alot