Monday, January 28, 2008

Nuclear Regulatory Commission-Reactor,LP,1980,USA

Nice Tenessee New Wavish band with typical for the period sounding.Reminds me much of Devo's weirdo jocko homo stretched out pop,with much use of synth but also a less violent version of the Nuns and in some parts Invisible Zoo's synth popish sounds.If only there was not too much typical AORish guitar the rest is woderfull....You can even find some freaked out spacey synth hints in some songs.Overall,an essential listening.

get it here
get it here


mdsgcg said...

hi..sorry to trouble you...really like your blog...what are the passwords for the rar files...I tried nuclear regulatory... the rar downlaoded fine it just wont seem to open...any info on passwords would be much appreciated...all the best to you

Anonymous said...

OMGOMGOMG. My dad did interviews for NPR at The Farm in Tennessee not long after this was released and got a copy on vinyl...which I inherited...and I thought no one in the world had ever heard of it but me.

krotix said...

I own the vinyl and appreciate your Post. The Band was also featured on a very young Nickelodeon on a program called "Livewire " which was aimed at tweens. Besides NRC who performed 2 songs, the Host Fred Newman interviewed Penelope Spheris who made the documentary "The Decline and Fall 1".