Tuesday, January 15, 2008


This devastatingly great Japanese avant garde electronic prog mega-rarity sits near the absolute summit of Japanese underground music of the last forty years. Many years back, rare record dealer Greg Pawelko described the sound of this record as being "like a combination of Franco Battiato, Mike Oldfield, Igor Wakhevitch, Urban Sax, Stomu Yamashta and Keith Tippett", a description which comes remarkably close to capturing the elusive flavor of this masterpiece, while failing to note just how close in tone the deployment of electronics here are to Harumi Hosono's work on the seminal Hosono & Yokoo-Cochin Moon album (merely the greatest electronic album ever recorded). This whole album is ensconced in a glistening higher-key acid glaze and pregnant with that air of the mystical sublime that imbues only the most rarified psych/prog/spacerock recordings. A holy grail.

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TymexPyres said...

Iam greatly saddened to see yet another blog's demise.'Lost-In-Tyme' has seemed to shut down indefinitely. I trully wish I had known about music blogs a year or two ago when most started up. I have missed out on alot of them that had already went kaput before I saw them. Mutant sounds I hope never goes belly up in that fashion. Lost-In-Tyme was yet another provider of my minimal-synth-electro-new wave daily requirements. We will miss you. If music blogs are going to be shut down, then all music should be re-released and made available, and be affordable to those who wish to here it.Otherwise, it all will just rot into the hole of obscurity, much like we ourselves may someday. Good-bye lost-In-tyme, or till the next time our paths cross.

Anonymous said...

total mindfuck. thankz

Anonymous said...

...and another great addition!!!
After all this time, Mutant Sounds remains my all-time fave blog! Congrats again.
Now we're talking Japanese space prog anyway, do you happen to have anything by Circle? Their debut, 'Ima Wa Taki No Subete', seems unfindable. 'Like a message from the stars' would be great as well...



Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

the massmirror link doesn't work for me. anyone else having this problem. By the way, i'd like to say this is by far the best music blog i've come across - and as a musician it has help push my mind to the limits of what i bring to band and projects. Who needs new music when there's all this great old overlooked stuff that has already shaped the all new stuff anyway.

now about that link?

Over The Moon said...

bunnysuit, use this link.

Anonymous said...

eh, seems like I made a mistake... the Japanese band I mentioned above was, of course, Chronicle, not Circle. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful indeed. Do you have the other LP you mentioned - 'Hosono & Yokoo-Cochin Moon'? With that recommendation you have to post it! (please)

Anonymous said...

I second the "Hosono & Yokoo-Cochin Moon" request. Many thanks for all you do, Eric, as always.

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vdoandsound said...

K.-I'll post the Chronicle LP shortly...

vdoandsound said...

Oh...and as you can all can see, I've heeded your requests for Hosono & Yokoo. Check the main body of the Yasutaka/Yosuke post for the link to the Synopsis Elektronica blog's post of it....

mutantsounds said...

anonymous--->may i ask who are you?????????????????

Anonymous said...

Hey "anonymous," your argument only works if you're talking about the mainstream crap that's being released today. Most of the stuff oo Mutantsounds was released 10-30 years ago and is not available on any of the "pay to legally download" sites that you hype up. In more cases than not, the people who made this music are loosing no money from downloading because THERE ARE NO NEW COPIES TO BUY! On the other hand, by offering up long fogotten music, there is a chance at creating enough of a "buzz" about an obscure artist that some independent label will want to do a legal reissure. So next time, try to research what's being offered on a music blog before posting the same old "you're stealing from the artist" argument.

TymexPyres said...

Anonymous, instead of writeing that spiel and inspireing me to write out my less-thought, bad typo post, you could of simply just read the disclaimer on every blog that says if you have problem they will fix it. But the disclaimer does not say that they guarantee your self-validity.

vdoandsound said...

anonymous-I will decline to rise to your bait and offer you a point by point rejoinder to your statements. Rather, I'll merely state that in addition to the salient points raised by John, there's this little fact: after having posted the work of several thousand artists here, we've only ever had exactly *one* whose contacted us to ask that his work be removed. So too, in the few instances when a label has contacted us and asked that we remove a title because they're intending to reissue it, they've been unfailing polite and understanding. One gathers that this is because, unlike you, these people live in the present and can adjust to paradigm shifts.

Dren Niilso said...

wow, really like this album! thanks a lot! really appreciate it. LOST IN TYME went to invite only right? i dont know if they closed shop... how do you get invited?

Anonymous said...

I've said it before, and I will say it again, 'All copyright is theft'.

Unknown said...

Actually, I'd be interested to know who the "we" is in the first sentence of anonymous' post.

However, as already mentioned, the stuff on this blog is all out of print. I have purchased more new CDs in my life than I have room for (thousands are boxed up and sitting in my bedroom). However, the music I love the most (crazy, avant-garde shit) is impossible to find new, which is why I love this site. I can discover music that is now impossible to purchase.

(I don't know why I bother posting... I am about 90% sure anonymous will not be returning, he or his "we".)

vdoandsound said...

Regarding what happened to the Lost In Tyme blog, go here:


vdoandsound said...

Hmmm....let's try that again. For the Lost In Tyme info, Go Here

Anonymous said...

One blog down ... yes, it's a pity ... but now what about the rapidshare debacle, if that's true ? ugh ... is it really true ?


Anonymous said...

It seems rapidshare is working again ... false alarm

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic!!! Many thanxx for this obra maestra. Yasutaka is a genius, the music seems to hace influenced a lot groups like Tortoise.

steve said...

wow!!!!!that's the coolest thing i've heard in a loooong time...thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the IE album - wonderful! Another unknown to add to my Japanese music page at Record Heaven.

Anonymous said...

Hi again,
can I add a request for a post of Ryuichi Sakamoto's 'Thousand Knives Of'? Also, does anyone know what happened to the promised missing files for the Coma - Financial Tycoon post from a month or two ago?

fuzztunnel said...

was cochin moon credited for the THX sound you hear at the beginning of movies? (see start of track 2)

Anonymous said...

Mike Oldfield indeed- there's a Tubular Bells quote halfway through side 1.

Anonymous said...

Fuzztunnel: It's curious that you mention the similarity between Hosono's bass tone and the THX "theme"; actually, for a sound much closer to the THX, I'd direct you to "Galaxies" by Kevin Braheny (sorry, can't recall the exact track). Can't say that it's anything *close* to "Cochin Moon", but it has its moments, especially the THX-like "lift off" tone...

Unknown said...

Thank you always for sharing great music.
And now I try to make Yosuke Yamashita discograhy. So it linked with this article.
If you think there is a problem, please tell me.

All the best
el goog

fuzztunnel said...

Listening to this one again after a long while... once track 1 gets going (just before the Oldfield quote), there are some definite points of comparison with Dionne/Bregent too.

edlorado said...

thanks for sharing excellent!

Anonymous said...

Please Please Re-Post This Album!!!!!!!