Sunday, January 6, 2008

I Raminghi · Il lungo cammino dei Raminghi,LP,1971,Italy

Excellent spooky proto progressive from Itally with psych touches,much reminding Antonius Rex ,Jacula, Osage Tribe,Teoremi .
"A band from Bergamo born in the late 60's, that, as many others, was halfway between a psych-inspired beat and early progressive. Their production was all released on the small Bentler label, consisting in three singles and an album, made between 1970 and 1972.
Some of the album tracks are very good, like Buio mondo nero e giallo, also on single, and La nostra verità, others a bit boring like Every day Jesus with a monotonous choir, but the album is representative of all those bands that turned to progressive while maintaining a strong 60's feeling.
In their long career, ended in the second half of the 70's, I Raminghi had many line-up changes, all around the leading figure of "Herr" Mussita. Among the others were part of the group Valerio Cherubini (guitar), Titta Colleoni (organ), Michele Capogrosso (drums), the last two were also in Terza Classe and Perdio.
Guitarist Angelo "India" Serighelli also released a solo album and some singles, while both he and leader Mussita collaborated with Antonius Rex on Zora.Together, Mussita and Serighelli under the name Mussi & India issued a single entitled Canto d'amore indiano, close in style to a 1974 italian hit single, Soleado by Daniel Sentacruz Ensemble, with wordless vocalisms, and a B-side which can be vaguely described as progressive.Serighelli formed in 1985 the hard rock group Wizard, with which he played throughout northern Italy, and in 2001 a Hendrix tribute band called Valindstef, that's still active in 2007."
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