Monday, January 28, 2008

Steven Grandell - Animal Angst,LP,1984,USA

Here's another minimal synth gem.Released privately in 1984 by Steven Grandell,a gay (now transgendered as far as i know) performance artist this LP blends the early 80s experimental side of synth pop.Sometimes reminding some K.Leimer recordings,or possibly that's how Polyphonic Size would play if they were Americans.Hints of Vice Versa,Voice Farm(circa 1st LP period),early Tuxedomoon,German Sepherds (not the much experimental pieces though),John Bender,but also some taste of the Teutonic German school (Vono,Alu,etc)
Monotonous angst rhythms with use of synths of course but also strange instruments such as xylophone,violin,etc.Overall ,an exciting LP!

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Anonymous said...

Copies of this LP can still be purchased from the artist:

Anonymous said...

Yup, I'm the artist, and I do have a few copies left... been planning on perhaps doing some re-releases, and/or digging up some old stuff I was doing back then which I didn't release...(recorded in the same style I was doing back then... depending on the interest.) My current band, and recordings though has kept me busy.

Visit my myspace and shoot me a note ;)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing!

Spencer said...

can you recommened a couple of other things that are simalr to this ? I am obsessed with it