Saturday, January 12, 2008

V/A:Tokyo mobile music,LP,1982,UK

Great compilation of Japanese bands in the electronic/synth pop range.Conceived by David Claridge, who apparently traveled around Tokyo with a hand-held Sony cassette recorder (featured on the front of the album) and inserted snippets of ambient city sounds and overheard conversations between the cuts which provide the actual meat of the album.
From linear notes:
AKIKO YANO One of the most creative female singers in Japan, has recordedseven albums to date. Often collaborates with YMO team.
EEARTHLING 3 piece electronic band from Tokyo
SHOUKICHI KINA Japanese reagge from island of Okinawa
LIZARD Formed 4 years ago. One of the first underground new wave bandsto emerge from Tokyo. Momoya is the lead singer and driving force
HIKASHU Create a fusion of old and new Japanese musical themes. Lead singeris an actor from Japanese theatre.
YUKIHIRO TAKAHSHI No. 1 drummer No. 1 producer and member of YMO.
SALON MUSIC Formed early 81, one of the newest bands on the Tokyo undergorund circuit.
A1 Hikashu New Tribe
A2 Akiko Yano Rose Garden
A3 Earthling You Go On Natural
A4 Yukihiro Takahashi Mirrormanic
A5 Shoukichi Kina Mimichiri Bozu
B1 Lizard Sa Ka Na
B2 Hikashu The Model
B3 Salon Music Hunting On Paris
B4 Akiko Yano Canton Boy
Amazing compilation!
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6581 said...

ooh, this must be one of my rips :)
Nice compilation, stolen by a friend of mine, from a danish overpriceing recorddealer many years ago.

Unknown said...

This is cool. There's more rare/interesting Japanese 80's stuff on this post (including another neat Salon Music track):

Mr Fab said...

If anyone has the Earthling album, I've been looking for it for ages...

Jaume said...

Nice comp ... I got the vinyl 6 years ago at Avid Records (oxford, uk)

bd said...

nice sounds - thanks. is this the rip that got stolen from the expensive danish record store owner? why do stolen records sound better? i would love to hear a full earthling record too.

Anonymous said...

Highly recommended (Kraftwerk's Das Model in Japanese)! Found this album a couple of years ago on a flea market for a buck. Little did I know that I struck pure gold.

Weird Cheese said...

I like the Japanese version, sounds lovely.

Thursday said...

yup, I found this in Seattle for about 6 bucks. Really enjoyed the field recordings parts,,,

Anonymous said...

Wow, some really great stuff on here (not just Hikashu and Takahashi), and I dig the atmosphere created by the field recordings bridging it together.

Anonymous said...

Actually the device pictured on the sleeve was the then extant model of the Sony Walkman, the Walkman II.

Unknown said...

I was fortunate enough to pick up this LP in Portsmouth uk many years ago. I bought it because I thought the cover was cool as, and it was a nice surprise when i got it home. The tracks by Earthling and Lizard are the ones. It's one of my prized LP's.

Unique and Timeless

Tom said...

Thanks a lot for this one. I bought in on cassette at a charity shop in London and have been looking for it as mp3s.
Used to love walking around with it on my Walkman. Felt like the right thing to do... the 'play' button transforming London into Tokyo.

fistula spume said...

Most excellent! I was looking for that version of The Model tonight and of course I find it here. This blog is always there for fantastic posts when I need them. :)

meltedrubbersoul said...

Hunting on Paris for the win; keep playing that snaky/chunky guitar break over and over in a loop, before realizing that, hey, there's still the rest of the song to go.

Anonymous said...

The Shoukichi Kina track is definitely stand out for me

Anonymous said...

OMG THANK YOU I can't even find this on eBay :P

Unknown said...

any possibility of a reup?