Monday, January 28, 2008

Somnambulist- Withered Land ,tape,1983,Belgium

Somnambulist along with M.Bryo are the product of the same person, one Mark Burghgraeve. A Belgian artist active in a scene that included Klinik and Absolute Body Control.Burghgraeve's vocals standing solemnly against the most minimal of synth pulses, a study in repression and the beauty that can arise from such situations. Raw distorted guitars, cheap echo-voice rendering, and minimal-synth at its best !
Check out also the Somnambulist/M.Bryo split limited 7" e.p released recently by Minimal Wave .
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Anonymous said...

I cannot fathom how you all keep this up. It is truly astonishing and jaw-dropping.

Forever devoted,

Anonymous said...

Yet again..another one. Another band I had been wanting to hear. Thank-you. I have grown fond of the Belgian electro scene that went on. There was ,definitely, a distinct difference from their country, as compared to the rest of Europe and U.S. You can hear the influences they were haveing on each other, but their own thing they were doing. Cool Stuff. I would like to hear the band 'No More', if you ever come across some. Or Mark Lane perhaps?


Psyence Guy said...

Thanks, this groups's awesome. Recorded on Halloween it says.

soundhead said...


thanks again, and again, and again.

DDV said...

this band is also available on the "blanco" compilation by club moral, available on this podcast.


minimallover said...

There are several things hard to believe with this: From 1983? Live? Ripped from a tape? Could be from 2007 recorded with the lastest equipment in excellent sound quality including a very good microphone. And the music is definitely unique and outstanding. Hard to compare with anything. Thank you so much for letting us discover this!

minimallover said...

Me again, after listening to The Heat, an unbelievably good track. Please, do you have more by Somnambulist or M. Bryo? The second tape or compilation tracks? I became addicted at first listening, please help me!

Anonymous said...

Check the Minimal Wave catalog,

Anonymous said...

MV is shit.

Anonymous said...

if you like this, check out:

yours truly,