Sunday, January 20, 2008

Scattered Order -Early Recordings,CD,1979-80,Australia

Great early ,some of them unrealised ,others realised in very limited quantities ,recordings from the M Squared archives, by this phenomenal band.Stretched out damaged post punk,dark sometimes,punkish someothers,with much experimental hints, reminding early Tuxedomoon,SPK,MX 80 sound,etc.
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get this here
Anyone who can provide more tapes from the Aussie underground ripped is more than welcome.


Unknown said...

sorry to post such an ungrateful-sounding comment, but just a heads up: according to the tracklist on the image file of the covers, there seem to be 4 or 5 tracks missing from this.

mutantsounds said...

this was ripped from tape so songs "missing" are just merged with previous ones

Anonymous said...

I have scattered orders 12" "I feel so relaxed with you" if you want a rip?

Anonymous said...


there are 5 songs missing, and there not merged with the others. please re -up this thanks.

Anonymous said...

oh yes it's true, shit! anybody have the missing songs?


Anonymous said...

mezon, yes! if you can do a favor for all of us and could share a rip, it would be much appreciated.