Sunday, January 20, 2008

Patrick Gibson/Prod-Two seperate/Is the truck on fire?,tape,1982,Australia

Absolutely stunning tape released through M Squarred in 1982 , as a part of P. Gebson split releases(check also his split tape with A cloakroom assembly posted here about a year ago).Patrick Gibson reveals his love of synth, organ, repitition and Christian myth. From the loop of guitar / Newcastle scream with overlaid heavy organ chords to twittering bleeps and the three times table - all left field pop is here.Prod's mixture of rhythmic inventiveness and humourous experiments has held up well over the years. Less song based than their single, it still has moments of raucous intensity.(description from No Night Sweats ).
Great minimal synth experimental recordings with strong Resident-ial feeling .Released in cardboard box with inserts(high quality scans included).
get it here and here

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John Daly said...

Thanks Heaps, I live in sydney, but finding this stuff is so difficult, I used to go see these guys and their different named bands, but who could keep up?, but I am not desperate to find stuff, but picking up bits every so often is nice. glad you are giving. thanks again