Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Though they began as an outright prog band (their superb debut LP "Kad Misli Mi Vrludaju" can be found Here ), Tango Bango, their second album and last one of any note, was evidently Aerodrom's idea of a new wave reinvention. Anyone that's investigated Yugoslavian new wave (think: Lacni Franz, Zabranjeno Pusenje, Marjanov Cudni Zajec...all also available on the site linked to above) can attest to how hilariously and sometimes brilliantly ass -backward some of this stuff is. As is frequently the case with all the 70's Yugo stuff that I adore most (where prog, disco, funk and fusion were all miscegenating willy nilly), the influx of de-contextualized second hand western musical influences minus their cultural baggage and genre boundary delineations meant that Yugoslavian "new wave" was sometimes new wave in name only. Aerodrom do in fact manage to successfully hit said new wave mark with some appeal on the first and last tracks here, though the back to back instrumentals "Mordorea" and "Aerodrom" continue to show a residual prog hangover to great effect. These four tracks are the sole reasons for my posting this album, as the remainder is pretty much schlock-ola. To get the full Aerodrom effect, beginning with "Kad Misli..." might not be a bad idea, though these four tracks have their own weird appeal independent of it.

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Anonymous said...

For Yu new wave, check Azra, Pankrti and Film "Live in Kulusic"; for Yu prog rock check Bijelo Dugme, Smak and Leb i Sol.

Anonymous said...

Yugo new-wave was much, much better than this :) Trust me:) check out "Odbrana i poslednji dani" by Idoli (possibly my favourite post-punk album of all time), "Zastave" by Paraf, "Treci Svijet" by Haustor, Luna's self-titled album, "Paket Aranzman" compilation, Mizar's self titled...also : Igra Staklenih Perli (psych/prog), Sedmina - "Il Dejanje" (amazing psych folk), Marko Brecelj - Cocktail (wonderfully eccentric slovenian singer-songwriter...).

meltedrubbersoul said...

I don't know at all what they're saying, but it fills me with a slowly welling hope on the first ttrack. Amazing!