Monday, March 10, 2008


Gobsmackingly wonderful late-model Tropicalia cum electrified/acid fried bossa/samba confections from the architect of the nutzoid Baiano & Os Novos Caetanos tropicalia spoof project and undisputed champion of questionable wardrobe choices (here apparently taking his sartorial cues from Hee-Haw's Minnie Pearl). The DNA reconfigurations of these forms by folks like Rodrigues, Marcos Valle and Azimuth/Azymuth (just to cite a few) in the early to mid 70's represent a fascinating and far less heralded dimension of adventurous Brazilian music of the era. Any of you sucked in by the wonders of Tropicalia and knocked sideways by the Lula Cortes/Marconi Notaro/Satwa camp thats recently come to larger attention via a spate of concurrent reissues will find this Rodrigues album to be a window into yet another throat-lump-inducing dimension of Brazilian brilliance.

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P.S.-Rodrigues' demented Baiano & Os Novos Caetanos album can be found Here


Kevin said...

I have a couple of the Baiano & Os Novos Caetanos albums, and they are definitely masterpieces of Tropicalia. Thanks for posting this.

Best, Kevin

Anonymous said...

una delle copertine più brutte d'ogni tempo, comunque il disco è interessante.

Anonymous said...

any chance of a re-up on this one? Tanx

Anonymous said...

Found this link to (what may be) his full discography:

By the way, did not know he was part of Baianos e os Novos Caetanos, thanks for that. This album, although not quite as good as Murituri, is definately awesome, and I can say it has received some heavy rotation on my mp3-player lately. What a talented musician!

sambson said...

Which is to say that when you find the link on this page down...go to:

and get the same album; and more.