Sunday, March 23, 2008

Blue for Two-st,LP,1986,Sweden

Blue For Two were a Swedish synth band from the 80s,consisting of Freddie Wadling(of Cortex fame) and Henryk Lipp. The word synth pop or minimal synth though is not the exact word to describe the music here.Electronics are compined great with rock,jazz,ethnic music,cabaret influences and all this combined with Wadling's deep dark voice a unique atmosfear is created. Sometimes it reminds Low -era Bowie ,especially in the vocal part.

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Anonymous said...

I thought this whole Leather Nun bunch sounded more like early Iggy Pop....the second Album "songs from a pale and bitter moon" was great...

anyway...thanks for this


skit said...

Freddie Wadling has been in music business since late 70s! Rukorna was the band back then, but he has also been into projects like Blue For Two and also on his own like "something wicked this way comes". I love this album and it's much better than "songs from a pale and bitter moon" (I have them both as LP's!)

Remember viewed them play in Swedish Television 1987 a show called "Daily Live" presented by Anna Lena Brundin & Lill-Marit Bugge ;)

thanks a million for this!

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