Saturday, March 22, 2008

Art & Technique -Diabolus in mecanica,LP,1982,France

Very obscure French experimental/electronic act,that released 2LPs and a 12" e.p. plus a 7" in the early 80s. Haunting electronic sounds ,some ethnic elements reminds me much of 23 Skidoo's 7 songs or early Muslimgause and O Yuki Conjugate sound. This is their 2nd LP. Their first , Clima X ,from 1981 ,is more electronic progressive oriented.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Mutant Man,

You came back in force, i can wait to listen to the new stuff. I've been looking for Art et Technique for a long time, Wonderful album !! Do you a link to get their first albm Clima- X or will you post it yourself. anyway nice to see you back Jim.

Thanx Francois

mutantsounds said...

clima x coming soon Francois

Anonymous said...

This band was more Art and technique than it was music. It sounded like many other early industrial acts I have heard. This group should have gotten with E.Geometrico. They could have composed many headaches together. Is this art? Yes. Does it have technique? Yes. Does it make me want to take a few xanax and beat my head against an industrial radiator? Definitely. But, is it music? I guess it is a matter of opinion. It was interesting , though, as I had never heard this type of this era from France:)

Anonymous said...

they could be called "the french throbbing gristle", they where friends with them.
A very talented band.
Their CD was reissued on Spalax and should be availble on amazon !

Casey said...

lovin' this post
i'll play some on my show this fri.

soundhead said...

this is fantastic! thanks.

Anonymous said...

Actually, can'nt extract the a6 track; because of his nme with a in it ?