Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Most noted (when heard about at all) as being the rarest album on Philippe Besombes' Pole Records, Subversion's schizophrenic sensibility is actually pretty far removed from what you might expect from a label principally known for issuing psychotropic electronic rock. No, the only thing Subversion are subverting on their one eponymous LP is a cohesive sonic identity, the variable symphonic rock postures they strike here ranging from dewy early Pulsar-like Floydianisms to genteel loungy jazz rock to Ame Son/Total Issue-style pop prog to clumsy gypsy jazz to abstract electronics with very little in the way of a through-line to tie it all together. 'Tis mostly rather lovely anyway, if not spectacularly original.

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Thanks! and welcome back
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Yes, welcome back. Please don't stay away so long - thought the blog was dead! Your posts here are most appreciated always.