Monday, March 3, 2008

Bellaphon - Delphi ,CD,1995,Japan

Japanese based band BELLAPHON was formed in 1981 but had to wait until 1987 before it saw the release of their first and only album. The wonderful, instrumental album ‘Firefly’ is regarded as being one of the highlights of Japanese progressive rock even in their own country !
In Japan they went on to release the CD ‘Delphi’ including six unreleased songs. Titletrack ‘Delphi’ makes me think of Saint-Preux due to the soft melodies. Unreleased studiotracks alternate with live recordings which means there’s a big difference in soundquality. This way you hear very clearly that the more technical track ‘No guarded city’ has been recorded in a tiny club, Alice in Wonderland to be precise. Two other tracks were recorded at the famous Silver Elephant club in Tokyo way back in january ’86. The repetitive ‘La villette’ makes me think of Brand X. Because guitarist Toshihiro Tanaka went back and forth between Bellaphon and Ain Soph he decided to dissolve Bellaphon in 1988. So apart from the superb “Firefly” album I’m afraid this dubious collection of rarities is the only extra material you’ll ever find.
John 'Bo Bo' Bollenberg
Great Camel influenced progrock from Japan.Excellent ong compositions with much mellotron usage.Some hints of King Crimson can be also found.
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红色的小喇叭 said...

Just enjoying this piece, first P.Floyd, then Doors and Mahavishnu (Overture),but never remind me of K.Crimson.Anyway Highly recommended, yes!