Monday, March 10, 2008

Liquid Visions - Endless Plasmatic Childhood Overdose,LP,2000,Germany

Awesome German psych/space rock band.This is their 2nd LP,released in 500 copies in 2000 through Nasoni label .3 long compositions ,2 of thir own a nd a tippy cover of Hawkwind's Masters of the Universe msterpiece.Spacey, mesmerizing and moving would be the right words for their art.Absolutely fantastic!

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Anonymous said...

Very Cool. Been Looking for this. PSYCH is alive in Germany !!
We'll take anymore you have to share!

PsychedAlex said...

Hi, I used to be the singer of this band. Great that they made it to this (my favourite) blog

Live footage from the early days of Liquid Visions:

Chris Moon said...

Whew, fabulous album..thanks!!

PsychedAlex said...

Our very lost album: