Saturday, March 22, 2008

Temposhark :The Invisible Line,CD,2008, UK---->a (p)review

Temposhark is an electropop band hailing from London,UK. After some e.p.s in their 4 year career they are now releasing their debut full CD on Paper+Glue label. Typical electropo with obvious New Order, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop boys,Dead or Alive influences. Well, not exactly what i 'm used to hear, BUT, this is considerably good POP album.Great orchestrations, furious vocalparts. No weirdness here,just pure pop. Sometimes reminds me Tears for Fears great debut ("the hurting") mixed with some Radiohead-ish intros, some others Dead or Alive's hi-energy synth pop mixed with REM emotionalism. I would preffer it to be a bit more rockier and darkish,but hey, i'm not the ordinary listener as yo know. We all need some popish sounds to make us feel good,to flirt,to dance. Besides, the great orchestrations,with violins ,horns,etc. is a great challenge to hear this . In March 2008, the NME praised Temposhark's debut album with a positive review, "What if Trent Reznor was raised on the Pet Shop Boys rather than Einsturzende Neubauten? Think these dudes... they could be your new favourite band. 7 out of 10". Fave songs :Little White Lie,Not That Big, Joy,Winter's coming,Invisible Ink (those last 2 are pretty weird)
For more infos visit their webpage or myspace page.

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they're cute but they hurt my ears.