Wednesday, March 19, 2008

V/A-ANGELICA 91, CD, 1992 + ANGELICA 92, CD, 1993, VARIOUS

Two CD's chock-o-block full of R.I.O. and improv shenanigans from these festival documents. Angelica 91 featured a particularly avant-vocalist intensive lineup and their contributions comprise most of the highlights of this CD; the kooky faux mournful gambits of a quartet comprised of Shelly Hirsch, Tom Cora, Lol Coxhill and David Weinstein, Carles Santos' deranged conflation of gooning and jabbering repetitive vocal cells and percussive cod-classical piano pounding and Phil Minton, David Weinstein and Veryan Weston's mad duck quacking, maudlin synths and wayward piano splatter all earning pride of place here. Angelica 92 might initially strike you as a bit more patchy, but thats just because they've shunted all the worthwhile bits to the end of the CD for some mysterious reason. Stick around for it and you'll find a great 20 minutes of stuff; Que D'La Gueule's beautifully disjunctive big band bricollage and around 10 minutes of gorgeous catagory-resistant hubbub from Fred Frith "Workshop".

Track listings:


1. Mary Iqaluk/Nellie Echaluk-Giochi Vocali Inuit
2. Mary Iqaluk/Nellie Echaluk-Giochi Vocali Inuit
3. Mary Iqaluk/Nellie Echaluk-Giochi Vocali Inuit
4. Joseph Racaille/Daniel Laloux-Des Dunes Et Hortense
5. Joseph Racaille/Daniel Laloux-Quand La Lune Se Marre
6. 4. Joseph Racaille/Daniel Laloux-Ah, Ori, Ah
7. Quartetto Vocale Giovanna Marini-Via Gleno
8. Quartetto Vocale Giovanna Marini-Beati Noi
9. Quartetto Vocale Giovanna Marini-E Lu Mnestre Colombe
10. Tom Cora-Embouteillage Bruise
11. Catherine Jauniaux-Pantheoneon
12. Shelly Hirsch/Tom Cora/Lol Coxhill/David Weinstein-Hi.Co.Co.We
13. Lol Coxhill-Hong Kong Blues
14. Lol Coxhill-Angelica
15. Carles Santos-Aquesta Es La Historia...
16. Phil Minton/David Weinstein/Veryan Weston-Mi.We.We
17. Ernst Reijseger-Kotzmann
18. Laboratorio Di Musica & Immagine-No Si
19. Laboratorio Di Musica & Immagine-A E
20. Phil Minton/Veryan Weston-One Way In
21. Phil Minton/Veryan Weston-The One Way
22. Phil Minton/Veryan Weston-Genesis/245
23. Fred Frith "Keep The Dog"-Huge Bored Uncle
24. Fred Frith "Keep The Dog"-Vie En Mimosa


1. P.A.P.A. Quartet-Lemno
2. Popoli Dalpane Ensemble-West Side
3. Popoli Dalpane Ensemble-Three Roads...Crossroads
4. Looping Home Orchestra-Doina
5. Looping Home Orchestra-Hoppas Att Det Gar
6. Looping Home Orchestra-Moloken
7. Lindsay Cooper e L'Orchestra Del Teatro Comunale Di Bologna diretta da Franco Sebastiani-Concerto Per Sax Sopranino E Archi
8. Stefano Scodanibbio-Yuunohui'Nahui
9. Stefano Scodanibbio-Studio No. 4 "Faraway"
10. Stefano Scodanibbio-Studio No. 6 "Farewell"
11. Stefano Scodanibbio-Yuunohui'Nahui
12. Gianni Gebbia-Zabare
13. Gianni Gebbia-L.Ame Des Chiens
14. Gruppo Ocarinistica Budriese-Il Canto Degli Uccelli
15. Fred Frith-Chitarra Ocarinistica Bad Reise
16. Gruppo Ocarinistica Budriese-Miraggio
17. Lars Hollmer-Hostvisa
18. Lindsay Cooper/Fred Frith/Gianni Gebbia/Lars Hollmer-Elegy For An Angel
19. Que D'La Gueule-Indicator
20. Que D'La Gueule-Galere De Rien
21. Que D'La Gueule-For You
22. Fred Frith "Workshop"-Seven Replies To Unasked Question
23. Fred Frith "Workshop"-Brass Bolognese
24. Riflessivo (intermission)
25. Fred Frith "Workshop"/Audience-Tradizionale

Get Angelika 91 part one Here

Get Angelika 91 part two Here

Get Angelika 92 part one Here

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Anonymous said...

Thanx for sharing! Was planning to get these discs for years, but it never materialised.

IMO this set represents not the top peak performances of the artists contained, but gives a good overlook of the change of the genre at the date.

Some new strains shown up here are noteworthy. Especially the inuit pieces are outstanding!

SOTISE said...

HI Vodasound ,thanks for this magnificent post...
heres something that may interest you ..
more coxhill rarities to come.

pedda said...

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