Monday, March 3, 2008

Bi Kyo Ran -st,LP,1982,Japan

BI KYO RAN is one of the most important Japanese Progressive Rock bands.
Forming in the '70s, the legendary BIKYORAN played with the bristling energy, intensity and
aggression of King Crimson, then alternately delicate and pastoral, with ample use of mellotron.
This is actually their 1st LP,with strong King Crimson infleunces,especially the guitar parts which are Fripp-tronics for sure.Excellent use of violin though,and great Japanese style vocal parts that might sound a bit strange to European ears,Overall ,despite the strong King Crimson influence ,this is a much original album, worth hearing it!

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Anonymous said...

thank you so much...this album rules!! i could listen to that first track on repeat all day

Sue 'Em All said...

So uhh... why can't I retag this?