Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bruno K. Öijer & Brynn Settels-Skugga kommer,LP,1986 ,Sweden

Wonderful yet weird synth album by Swedish poet Bruno K Öijer ,backed by synth compositions of Brynn Settels. Released in 1986 through Mistlur label.Strange electronic compositions reminding much the weirdest NDW acts, full of anxious vocals and experimental parts, reminding Der Plan,Die Wirtschaftswunder, EMAK,Andi Arroganti,etc. No infos were found in English though ,so any help will be much appreciated.

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Albin said...

hah! wonderful to see this album being posted here, i would never have guessed! this is a fantastic album. some info: bruno k öijer were a profilic swedish poet who released many books, one novel and got quite famous in sweden, mostly for his rock n roll/dylan-take on live performances. brynn settels, better known as Bumpaberra, played accordion and organ in white boy-reggaeband dag vag. this one has been re-released on cd some years ago and i think its still avaliable. the cd version has a bonus track, bruno being backed up by blues musicians.

Peter said...

Correction: Bruno K. Öijer IS a prolific, great swedish poet. He´s also one of few poets who really can make his texts come alive during live readings. I don´t find the music that "weird" but a rather fitting musical suit for Mr. Öijer. Especially the two lengthy tracks on side b works, I think.

Anonymous said...

01. Två Tomma Händer
02. Blå Bouquet
03. Låt Det Här Hårda Livet Bli Vårt
04. TERROR, Du Tar Min Hand
05. Hey Ängel (Natt Utan Frispel I New York)
06. Skisser Till Ett Av Dödens Tal
07. Blixtlås

all the best,


Brynn Settels said...

Fun to see our album from 1986 commented. At the time of its release people found it strange that Bruno wasn´t singing. Today, after rap, it sounds quite natural. When it was released the reviews went from "album of the year" to " the perfect x-mas gift for your mother-in-law". We spent over 700 hours on the album, and Bruno generally got in the right mood to read at 5 am in the morning. I used to sit by myself from thursday evening to monday morning making the music. After I had done what I could do I called in some friends for guitars and cello. One of the guitarists found the music so strange so I had to take away everything except bass and drums for him to able to play.Originally it was to be a Polar production (that´s ABBA´s company) but when Stickan Andersson (the owner of Polar) discovered that he called me to his office and asked me how much it would cost to get rid of this strange record. We came to an agreement and thanks to Thåström in Ebba Grön, we landed with Mistlur. We only made 1000 vinyls, but later we made CD:s as well. If internet had existed then, we might have sold some more. If anybody is interested in the record I believe it can be bought from POP.NU or contact Rub-a-dub records, Stockholm.

Anonymous said...

If you want to listen to Bruno there is a lot of him on youtube and on the net here and there. This is a good source