Saturday, March 1, 2008


Seemingly the sole non-native release on the estimable Polish electronica imprint Mik.Musik (whose offerings I've posted repeatedly in the past) Minutemusic stands distinct from both the precision tooled cartoontronica that Adler (the alter ego of Groenland Orchester's Jurgen Hall) plies in G.O. or on his first three solo releases on Staubgold, which largely followed a similar tack. Relentless in it's fizzy digitized disjuncts, Minutemusic flings coherency to the wind in favor of splattery DSP fits of ADD-addled laptop chicanery that reduces video game-y sound sources to sandblasted fractalized swarms.

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Additionally, two of Adler's other superb recordings exist as MP3-only releases. These E.P.'s can be found for download here:

Polysynthetica E.P. :

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The Silver Book E.P. :

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(it's catalog number Ca058...scroll down the page to find it...)

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Anonymous said...

Cartoontroncrica is one of the best descriptors I've ever read. So, based on that compacted linguistic frenzy alone, well that and thew Staubgold link, I download. Right on!