Sunday, February 24, 2008

Damien Youth-Fluttering Briar,LP,1984+The Man Who Invented God,LP,1990+Festival of Death,tape,1995

A mysterious cassette-only artist who began putting out material on tape in the late 1980s, although some of it started to appear on CD in the late 1990s. His music is haunting, acoustic rock with a sense of British whimsy akin to Robyn Hitchcock or Donovan (although, as his tapes were distributed from Louisiana, it's uncertain whether the singer is British). It's solid, melodic stuff that would most likely appeal to Hitchcock fans, despite the sparse production. His Bride of the Asylum CD of 1998 put some of his work into slightly larger circulation, in better fidelity. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide
His music is haunting, acoustic rock with a sense of British whimsy akin to Robyn Hitchcock or Donovan.Damien Youth is an independent singer/songwriter/musician who works in a number of rock sub-genres. He has been a part of various musical projects including The Cosmic Cult Of Adam Strange, Featherbox, Kyte, Magic Island, Surprise Symphony and Walter Ghoul's Lavender Brigade. He has also recorded with Peter Daltrey of the classic '60s band Kaleidoscope. The common quality in all of Damien Youth's music is his uncanny understanding of the melodic heart of the song.Damien Youth's songs are like yellowed pictures from another time. But as it's true with old pictures they come alive - contradictingly so - out of the yellowness, colours seep through - clear and imagination invoking, like a DALI painting.
Sometimes reminding early Julian Cope,Paul Roland,of course Syd Barret,while on the tape "Festival of Death " some dark metal hints can be found(but so beautifully composed that you will not even be a bit bothered)
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Anonymous said...

Nice post!

Any chance of getting SPRAWL by Bevis Frond? IIRC, David Tibet and the flute player from Caravan play on it.

Thanks MUCH for the great blog!!


ninedayswonder said...

MELCHIOR ALIAS-MELCHIOR ALIAS (CAN 1970) and Capricorn College - LP Di Primavera?Please!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I constantly find music on here that just blows my mind out of the ocean water and into the fishtank.
Thank you so much and keep up the great work.
Any chance of finding Skullflower's early works like XAMAN or Infinityland?

Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Many, many thanks for your unbelievable work!
2 requests, if it's possible:
Scott Fraser - Architecture
Le Forte Four - Spin & Grin


fpunky said...
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Anonymous said...

People of Mutant, always i found wonderful things in your blog. THANKSSSSSSS¡¡¡¡¡¡


Anonymous said...

Hi my friend, I'm looking for a French band called Bahamas Le Voyageur Immobile de 1976.

Do you have it?

see ya.

m.o. said...

I love your blog, though I struggle to download everything.

Haven't been disappointed yet.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been a fan of your blogs for long. Now I would like to post a request: Nobody ever offered the wonderful album and single by the Sleepers (Michael Belfer). Can you, please? Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi!... I´m very grateful to this blog! it´s so far the best blog i´ve ever found.
.. just i need it!

Aleksandar Kojić said...

Do you have Damien Youth - Songs From Black Tower,1994.If you have post-it PLEASE.This is one of best albums ever!

Zer0_II said...

Thank you very much for these. I downloaded Festival of Death a few days ago, and it's fantastic. I'm going to re-post it on my blog if you don't mind. Of course I'll give you due credit. I'm downloading the others now. Thanks once again.

Anonymous said...

I don't like this guy. I don't know if it's the Jim Morrison voice in some of the songs, the het sex in Man Who Invented God, or the cartoon gothiness of it. Maybe it's the "guy with a guitar" thing -- I live in an area where every two street corners there's a talentless nut with a guitar strumming and screeching Pearl Jam songs (never anything remotely interesting). This guy sounds like he's trying just a little bit too hard to me. It'll be good in shuffle mode as a surprise laugh, though. That's what horrible crap music is for.