Sunday, February 24, 2008

Armando Piazza -Suàn/Naus,CD,1972-73/2001,Italy

"Very few people probably knew these album until some years ago, as they went totally unnoticed at the time. Armando Piazza was a singer-songwriter from Naples and released these albums with curious titles on the local B.B.B. label (that also released the Showmen 2 album), selling them by himself in concerts and through magazines. The albums contained acid-psych ballads, all english-sung and mainly based on acoustic guitar but sometime with good use of electric instruments, they're also notable for the help of american musician Shawn Phillips (who lived in Naples for some years) on guitar and bass.
A welcome reissue by Akarma couples both albums on a single CD."
Superb acid folkish psych from Itally,with excellent guitarwork and stunning vocalparts. Darkish mystical mood all through..
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Anonymous said...

unbelievable! THANK YOU :))))


Salaried Man Club said...

I'd say, stunning vocal work, stunningly inane lyrics.
Definitely cracked a smile a few times: in the finale, a mindblown psych-folk tune, Armando stretches a silly chorus line until it's all mumbles and vowels.

Thanks for the up, all in all.

Anonymous said...

This one has grown on me. Alot. The first track is one of the best loner/stoner acid outsider folk anthems.