Thursday, February 14, 2008


Following my post of their extremely impressive and deeply shaded Aaah, You Are As Light As A Feather E.P. (which I'd initially mis-identified as Crack One) from two years earlier and whose hushed push-pull dynamics have haunted me more with each new listen, here's their two follow-up LP's (courtesy of Evan at the Swan Fungus blog, who selflessly gave me permission to re-post these titles here, so that these classic lost sounds might reach ever more folks ears). Not quite the gut punch I was expecting on the heels of their E.P., Made To Be Devoured finds their sound almost completely reconfigured. I was initially a bit thrown by both the decidedly more lo-fi recording values here (production having played such a crucial role in the atmosphere their E.P. engendered) and the overt Sonic Youth-isms they'd suddenly adopted in the interim, which lends the enterprise a somewhat less distinctive and rarified atmosphere then their debut. That said, their thrusts in this direction are far sharper than most others of that era and, seen from a different vantage point, presage everything from Wingtip Sloat to Luxurious Bags to Royal Trux. Not 100% solid, but the best bits here are still top notch detuned art rock splatter. These comments generally hold for Death Is Eeklo (never officially released according to the band's myspace page) as well, most of the album tackling a similar set of aesthetic preoccupations, albeit with a sometimes more low-key and insular approach that harks back to their debut a bit.

Get Made To Be Devoured Here

Get Death Is Eeklo Here


Evan said...

it's great to see chorchazade getting the exposure/credit they so deserve. thanks again for your communication and credit.

- evan

a crazy lights said...

Where else can I learn about these guys?!?! I am transfixed on this stuff!


Anonymous said...

There's also a great track of theirs called "Too Much Timex" on a compilation from the late 80s (?) called Bludgeoned.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Wingtip Sloat, would you share with us a copy of "Half Past I've Got"? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Please reupload!