Monday, February 11, 2008


I've informed members of Massmirror's staff about the issues with the dead links, though I have no idea when or if they're gonna get this shit resolved. 'Til then, we'll join in the chorus of music share bloggers worldwide who are wringing their hands right now as all our work hangs in limbo. That said, I do at least have rapidshare links saved for all my massmirror posts from the beginning until about 2 months back. I dread to even consider that such steps will be necessary, though....stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

I know that things are OK now, but I found a work-around during the problems. I clicked on the link and then dropped the cursor into the URL. I typed either S1., S2., S3. or S4. into the URL after the :// and hit return. It worked every time.

aaron volcano said...

i have recently discovered your wonderful blog and have been very successfully downloading the massmirror files (zshare?) (i'm using a mac with safari generally) however i can't download anything with rapidshare or the other file sharing sites. i haven't subscribed to any so i'm doing it for free. any advice on how i can download some of the older posts that default to rapidshare? is there a way i can use massmirror for all the posts?
for the record i successfully downloaded 4 of the 5 posts from feb 8th with massmirror- no problems.

aaron volcano said...

i'm very new to your blog, and downloading in general. it's an incredible blog by the way. i have had great success using massmirror (zshare) to download some posts without a hitch. i can't however download rapidshare files. is there anyway i can open rapidshare files of older posts and use massmirror? there's some absolute gems on the site that i'd love to hear but most of them are rapidshare files.
i'm a mac user using either safari or firefox.
the rapidshare files come up either as a binary file or a plain white empty folder on my desktop.
as yet i have not subscribed to any of the file sharing sites yet. i am suspicious that if i were to pay for the rapidshare service i would still not be able to download the files successfully.
any advice?