Sunday, February 3, 2008

Women of the SS-st,LP(pic disc),1991,USA

Women of the SS was/is a projuct of John Zewizz (of Sleep champer fame).What is expected here is exactly what you get:torturing,sex addicted ,S/M industrial soundscapes. In parts reminds of Master Slave Relationship records ....Overall it's a very good record....if you are a bit demented mind it's a masterpiece.

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Anonymous said...

I have their 1986's album "The Call To All Woman" (only in AAC, sorry)
If you need it, drop me a line to smersh49 [at]

Unknown said...

I remember getting this disc in the mail from RRR so many years ago. nice one :-)

I thought it was a project of Debbie Jaffe (Master/Slave Relationship) though... I might be mistaken, but I used to correspond with Hal McGee (Dog As Master, etc) and I believe he mentioned that she went on to do this project after their relationship ended... I might be remembering it wrong though.

Anonymous said...

All info to be found on theebradmiller's excellent Zewizz tribute pages here:

And help him further if you have some valuable info, peops!