Sunday, February 24, 2008

Floating Flower-Floatingflower 2 ,CD,1999,Japan

Great release from the depths of Acid Mothers Temple family tree.Actually a band formed in 1998 ,including Kawabata Makoto.Beautiful,spacey,ambient folk music with ethereal,wordless,female vocals,violin improvisations,tablas and guitar. Dark trip in the inner self.Reminds me Agitation Free,Kalacacra,and some Ash Ra Tempel spacey psych excurtions.Reissued in 2001 along with 1st,but long out of print.Don't miss this gem!
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Anonymous said...

I'm really falling in love with this album, which is definitely one of the best I've heard from Acid Mothers Temple (who I love, and collect obsessively). Thankyou very much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million for this, I've bought many AMT releases over the years but missed out on this one and have never found it until now. I like their spacey side the best so I know this will be great.
-Lhasa Crawler