Friday, February 8, 2008


Andre Fertier's dizzying sympho/acid/fusion/world music amalgam under the Clivage moniker hits a breathtaking peak of deep-in-the-pudding transcendent know-how with this little brainburner. On his second album here (his first posted by Jim a while back), Fertier sidles up with a subtle orchestral lead-in that scarcely prepares you for the frenzied endless Massiera-worthy cascade of blaring horn-driven symphonic riffs, chanting female choruses, Tippett-like pianistic abstractions and spiralling hand drums that explode out of the gate a few minutes down the line. It's a moment that has to be heard to be believed and this equilibrium befouling activity continues apace for all of the first side. Side two immediately kicks in with some super sick and sexy symphonized acid groove with a strong akin to Amon Duul 2's Da Guadeloop from Hijack before taking off to the land of the more explicitly ethno-tinged for the album's duration.

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Anonymous said...

Really want to hear this one too, sounds great, unfortunately the link isnt working :(

Anonymous said...

great album