Sunday, February 3, 2008

Neal Von Non and the Guinea Pigs-Bio Audio Research,LP,1983,USA

Absolutely stunning LP by these US weirdos combining electronic experimentalism a-la Residents style,minimal synth humour under the direction of the one and only Neil Von Non.No much infos found over the internet.Famous about the stretched out Hard Day's night cover. Hints of Don Van Vliet way of singing can bealso found.


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Unknown said...

Yes! This is pure genius. Thanks for the upload. Desperatly looking for the LP.

Anonymous said...

Maaan! Choice post!
This is such a powerhouse blog.

Little bit of bonus info on Neal Von Non/Guinea Pigs.
Weird website(skimpy-info), my-space link. Send them a message!

Keep the winners on drip!

Anonymous said...

Great music! Especially their beatles cover song! Fantastic!

brian b said...

i have a mint condition copy of this lp signed by neal von non that i want to sell. if interested send a message to