Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Metronomes-Regular Guys,LP,1985,Australia

Legendary minimal synth Aussie band that featured Ash Wendesday on it's line up.This is their 2d LP .Pure minimal synth/synth pop melancholic,much Bowie influenced ocal parts.
"The second album, recorded after a break in which our various lives and careers took left and right hand turns, was more premeditated in that most songs arrived already written. Each writer had creative control over their respective songs, a long-standing Metronomes road rule. Only one track had what you might call a spontaneous birth.
The reviewers were pretty much right - results are mixed, some highlights in amongst some dross. It certainly wasn't as quirky as the first, or as funny, but it had its moments. Production values were high for an indie release. Rick Lewis's sleeve was also a highlight.
This LP featured the next wave of synth toys like Oberheim synth, Oberheim drum machine and Prophet 5. Once the programming was set up, the instrument tracks (ie. their digital data) were dumped via a PCM box direct to video tape, a process which almost entirely eliminated tape hiss. Welcome to the digital age!"
Visit their website,read their history and BE SURE to purchase their new CD.

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Dear friends please find the 2 missing tracks(2 & 5) here
sorry for the mess


Anonymous said...

The Metronomes is missing Tracks 2 & 5. Just wanted you to know. Thanks a lot, regardless for the share.

mutantsounds said...

oops...just show it anonymous....posting corrected link asap

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, Jim.

Anonymous said...

i am surprised by the quality of most of the songs. very intense!
thanks a lot. found some free downloads of other songs on their webside of wich you post a link. if you have any more..... BART

Anonymous said...

Ash Wednesday lived down the street from me when i was a kid - he once tried to teach me how to play chess! Anyhow, I bought this album when it 1st came out, then had to sell it while I was a struggling art student & regretted it ever since. So many thanks for posting this - a small piece of me has returned.