Sunday, February 17, 2008

Symphonique Elegance-Act One,LP,1983,Sweden

Legendary minimal synth LP by this Swedish ac. In the great vein of Transparent Illussion/Polyphonic Size/Moral/L' Aventure Imaginaire with female and alternating male /female vocals. A masterpiece!
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Anonymous said...

terrific little minimal synth gem. reminds me a little of Magic Dragon from Canada. I don't know Transparent Illussion/Polyphonic Size/Moral/L' Aventure Imaginaire, but if they're anything like this I'd love to hear 'em.

Thanks as always Mutant Sounds!


mutantsounds said...

you can hear the ones mentioned by trying to find them in mutant sounds...they were posted about a year ago Chris

Albin said...

i actually found this one for five sek (about 0.50$) but i sold it because its so dreadful. if they sang in swedish this would have been a fantastic record but considering they cant use the english language... but its a cool record anyway, i suppose no other swedish synthband could have done an lp at this time although the singles by bands kind of like this is so much better. ive posted some on my bad-english-language-but-hey-whatever-blog at
keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

What do you think about publishing this album with your rip and your photo without even mentioning you?

Anonymous said...

I started listening to this whenever I'd get out of work at 6 in the morning and wait for the bus. Pretty, low-key stuff for watching the world wake up when all you want to do is sleep. Thank you.