Thursday, February 21, 2008


The utterly odd and absolutely riveting conflation of stridently anthemic choral prog and queasy malevolence concocted by these French kooks sounds something like a Kobian Comus fronted by Anissette from Savage Rose. Barring one truly unholy Wakhevitch/Massiera-worthy bit of acid fried lunacy that alone is worth the price of admission, the guys and gals of Elohim (not to be confused with the later French neo-prog band of the same name) are equally at ease plying both capering bounciness and prog thunder, but whether they're serenading you like some rustic prog swains with flutes a-tootlin' or righteously intoning their stentorian elfin vocalese, there's always a weird nagging tension at the heart of their endeavor and for those with a taste for the idiosyncratically twisted, it's a thrill to be in it's thrall.

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Anonymous said...

Thank a bunch. This sounds likes its gunna be another great one. It seems like there is a password needed. Any ideas?
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

There's no password. I downloaded it and extracted it fine.

Anonymous said...

Oh my!
A weird one, I guess the French lyrics are kinda funny here!


Anonymous said...

What a great record! Thanx!

Seems that Elohim has another records, e.g. 1983' La Mana Perdu. Would be great to find them....

Anonymous said...

About the galicarnax comment: the 1983 record is from another "Elohim" group.
By the way, this link is broken. Would it be possible to reupload this album?
Thanks a lot, and congras about this highly impressive blog: so much good music to discover!

vdoandsound said...

anonymous-check the most recent posts regarding this. I'm right now in the process of replacing all dead massmirror links with rapidshare links. Elohim will be back up shortly.

Anonymous said...

"the 1983 record is from another "Elohim" group."

Is it confirmed? I got this 1983 album "Manu Perdu". Indeed the style is somewhat different (not radically though), but seems that there are the same vocals (male and female). I rather think this Elohim is the same discussed here. "Manu Perdu" is not so bad, though much less energetic and interesting than 1975 LP.