Sunday, February 3, 2008


Moebius was a band consisted by Bryce Robbley(of Lem fame) and Doug Lynner(film director).Released through Plastic Poison label also responsible for 2 releases of Gina X Performance.The music is synth driven new rock,with hints of 70s electronic prog rock.Extremely interesting compositions reminding Cybotron,Traum,some Devo-ish hints and a bit of space /cosmic influences.
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Anonymous said...

In love it when you post something I have - it is such a rare occurrence 8-)

IIRC, Moebius also included a young Steve Roach.

And their cover of Light My Fire is so wonderfully deadpan!

Thanks for this!

Unknown said...

Hi. This is Doug Lynner from Moebius. Thanks for posting the record. If anyone would like to know more about the group you can reach me at doug at

Btw, Bryce and I did three recording projects together, LEM, and the second Moebius album, "Video Soldier in a Radio War" and this one. The second Moebius release is where the three members of 80s synthpop group Invisible Zoo first appear on record together.

Bryce passed away in 1999.


I have never heard this before but I love it I born 1985 and I think that I really find a new emotion!

the saucer people said...

My gods, I was here a few hours ago, that was about a dozen music blogs ago until I landed on one with the "Urth" track..I thought initially it was going to be the illustration genius and sometime musical collaborator so I was pleasently suprised to discover a whole new "Moebius". If the Urth track is anything to go by then I am in for a sonic treat of the highest proportions; they have everything, etheral synths, chugging analog fat bass lines, treated vocals and space related themes and to top it all it was made over thirty years ago, its jawdropping that nothing in the cosmic disco arena of today transcends it.
Finally, isn't it great when you get a post from a musician and far from asking you to take it down, they tell you they are happy for you to post it.
It seems the younger and older generation of musicians get that a collection of MP3's isn't the album just as the map is never the territory and more prosaically, the menu is not the meal.
In his post I read that they had released a few records and it would be fascinating to track down more Moebius!

Anonymous said...