Wednesday, April 30, 2008

After a small interval Mutantsounds is back

Dear friends
as you may noticed no posts were done from my side for a little while.That's because i was away with family for Easter(Orthodox) vacation.Now i'm back.Tomorrow new posts will be up.I apologise for this absence and especially for the lack of comments publishing the last 4 days(yet they are all published now).
Glad to be back
Jim Mutantsounds


Unknown said...

hey man no need for the apology, you take all the time you need.

Great to have you back

much love


Anonymous said...

So good to see you back, pal!


Anonymous said...

just a quick thankyou for some of your recent posts - heavy winged, the morth sea and Koichi Makigami are all a great listen - i acquired heavy wingeds 'mojito' and the north seas 'exquisite idol' a while back, it's so nice to inject a little more into my collection - keep up the good work! mike

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

finally a good news!
welcome back Jim
and thanks for all your passion and great music taste

max carli said...

thanks for all. super blog.

Niemiz said...

Hi Jim, glad to see you're back.
All the links to Xirror give me a 404 error.

Is it me or Xirror who don't want me
to listen all this genious musics ???

I cry, i cry, i pray for web god to make
something, please...

Cheers, Niemiz

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Please, please, PLEASE stop using Rapidshare if you can. Their wait times are ridiculous and that new cat security scheme takes way too much time to figure out.

I will never, and I'm sure most people will never, ever pay for a "premium account". Please use the better ones that don't make you jump through ridiculous hoops to download.

Anonymous said...

I'd be ecstatic if you went to MediaFire... I can't figure out why you don't!

And I totally agree with the Rapidshare "cats" comment. I look at those for a long time, and STILL don't always get 'em correct!

Anonymous said...

Yes, these identification codes across the web are a bit ridiculous at times. They are either twisted and distorted beyond recognition, or you are not sure which part of the code they want you to enter.

Pawel said...

Hello Mutants!

I tried to download two older posts from 2007 - The Hypothetical Prophets "And The World..." (1982) and Rhythm & Noise "Contents Under Notice" (1984) - but they doesn`t works.

Could you post both these records again?

I will be very grateful!