Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Profoundly headscratching as only the Japanese can be, this early 80's masterpiece of pop fragmentation, like all the best examples of the type, consistently wriggles free of any contextual envelope you'd care to attempt to file this away in. Childrens TV show-worthy instrumentals suddenly dismantle themselves into a round robin of freaks making quacking sounds, egregious hard rock cheese moves alternate with female choruses chirping lines seemingly lifted from French 80's Zeuhl-ies Super Freego. Cod doo-wop, antic P-Model-like new wave herky jerk and even sitars manage to play into Virgin Vs.' profligate constructs. Obvious parallels exist with the contemporaneous work of Wha Ha Ha, but Virgin Vs. circumvent both the R.I.O. dimension and intensive studio trickery of Wha Ha Ha in favor of privileging zany real-time thematic incongruities, evidently accompanied by a Peter Ivers' like musical revue format that looks like new wave Sha Na Na. Effortlessly integrating the awe inspiring and sphincter clenching, Virgin Vs.' sickness is just waiting for curious
hosts to infect.

Note: Though it appears that the download is missing track 9, this was due to a snafu on my part. All the tracks are there. Track 9 was a blank track, as this album was encoded on a friend's recorder and I accidentally left the numberings wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting post, just like the Soap and Bidziliba stuff.

Just a question, where's track #9?

Happy if it could be tossed in!


Anonymous said...

…great album, thanks!

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BeBo Talk said...

i felt like id comment for once. one of my favorite music blogs ever, easily.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for such a nice blog.
I have a request.
I have found two links broken.
May I ask you to upload upload these albums again?

Thanks in advance.

The albums are:

1-Jean Louis Bucchi - Sunflower,LP,1978,France

2-Cecil Leuter (Roger Roger) - Pop Electronique,LP,1969,France

Fringe Element Enthusiast said...

Great stuff! I just downloaded this, is there a songs listing somewhere?

Also got a hold of the P-Model In A Model Room this blog posted last October....THANK YOU! I play a lot of Japanese stuff on my radio show and Mutant Sounds is getting the thumbs up for SURE! I've linked you on my blog too.

THANKS and keep up the great work!


Anonymous said...


Wonderful blog! I found the track listings, and Google translated from Japanese to English.

1. 夢見るカクテルマシン〜Cocktail Machine Moon Light Magic Show〜
2. ヌーベル・シンデレラ
3. ブリキ・ロコモーション
4. サントワマミイ
5. やきぐりバンバン
6. ロンリー・ローラー〜Only Lonely Skate Roller〜
7. モンテクリスト・ファン・クラブ
8. サブウェイ・ランナウェイ
9. さらば青春のハイウェイ〜Good-Bye My Friend〜
10. ベスパップ・スカウト
11. シンデレラ・ラッキー・ロッキー
12. セラヴィ

1. Cocktails dream machine Cocktail Machine Moon Light Magic Show ~ ~
2. Nouvel Cinderella
3. Tinplate Loco Motion
5. Bambang boring Pottery
6. Lonely Only Lonely Skate Roller roller ~ ~
7. Montecristo fan club
8. SUBWAY runaway
9. Quadrophenia highway Good-Bye My Friend ~ ~
11. Rocky lucky Cinderella

As far as I can tell, the download has doubled-up a few tracks. In the download, 1. "Cocktails..." and 2. "Nouvel.." are together in the same track. 5."Bambang..." is together with 6."Lonely Only...". 7."Montecristo.." is in the same track with 8."Subway...".

Anonymous said...

what is the artist?
or is this some kind of compilation? ok, maybe i should download and then see. but i don't find any discography for this easily,, or at all

Anonymous said...

hello, i am completely obsessed with this album. as a big fan of magma and zeuhl, this album comes across as some of the best pop on offer to me. if anyone could upload their other album STAR CRAZY i would be very happy... thanks

Jack Celliers said...

This thing is amazing.

meltedrubbersoul said...

Holy Chriiiiiiist; orgasmically wonderful; spot on w/ the super freego comparisons, though i think this one goes even further in the cheesy/crazy/incredibly catchy b-52's vibe you talked about w/ freego. I dunno how and where you all find htis stuff, but thank you for sharing it.

T. E. B. H. said...

Virgin VS also performed "Hoshizora Cycling", the third ending theme for that land mark anime of 80's Japanese pop culture, "Urusei Yatsura".

sambson said...

(In reference to my previous post)
I just figured out that the final track which Anonymous has listed as "12. SERAVI" is actually "C'est la vie". For those interested in the the pitfalls of translating Japanese to English "Montecristo" translates as "Montekurisuto" and "Subway Runaway" as "Sabuuei Rannauei". Don't take my word on it, use your 'Goggle Translate' option and check out the listing for this album on: