Sunday, April 6, 2008


Thanks to blog friend Tony Pradlik for, many years back, sending me this compendium documenting the Bed Of Sound exhibition at New York's P.S.1, one whose contents, to my knowledge, have never been made commercially available and which heretofore was available for listening only online. Involved were a globe and genre-spanning roster of avant notables (some 43 in all), each turning in tracks of around 90 seconds duration. There's far too much here to go into individual details or likes/dislikes. A gander at the auspicious roster of talents involved should whet the appetites of most, I expect.

NOTE: As anonymous mentioned in the comment board, this evidently was in fact released by P.S.1 as a "CD Catalog". Anyone out there have a scan of this item? It'd be much appreciated....


1. Adriana Sa
2. Alvin Lucier
3. Arto Lindsay
4. Ben Rubin
5. Beth Coleman (aka DJ Singe)
6. Bob Ostertag
7. Butch Morris
8. Carl Stone
9. Chop Shop
10. Chris Carter
11. Chris Cutler
12. C. M. Von Hausswolff
13. Cosi Fanni Tutti
14.David Behrman
15. Ed Campion
16. Ellen Fullman
17. Frank Rothkamm
18. Genesis P-orridge
19. Gen Ken Montgomery
20. Howard Shore/Ornette Coleman/LPO
21. I-Sound
22. Ikue Mori
23. Impossible Music
24. Joel Chadabe
25. John Duncan
26. John Hudak
27. Kaffe Matthews
28. Keenan Lawler
29. Lauren Weinger
30. Maryanne Amacher
31. Matt Heckert
32. Michael J. Schumacher
33. Muhal Richard Abrams
34. Nicholas Collins
35. Paul De Marinis
36. Sonic Youth
37. Steinski
38. The Residents
39. Telectu
40. Tony Conrad
41. Vernon Reid
42. Vito Acconci
43. Zeena Parkins

Get part one Here

Get part two Here


Anonymous said...

FYI - this actually was released as a "CD catalog" by P.S.1 with liner notes by Max Neuhaus!

automating said...

Part 1 seems KO. Do you think you can fix it? Thanks+Keep on j.

Anonymous said...

I second the call for you to repost Part 1. I got to see this show at PS 1 and the gallery at University of Washington, and I'm excited to be able to hear them again.

Bodhi Amol said...

Hello,since you are doing reposts of dead z -share links ,i thought this would be reappear,but it seems you overlooked this one.
Please be so kind and give us the chance to have it complete....

Anonymous said...

Link still dead, FYI

Anonymous said...

I've just added the image of "VOLUME: Bed of Sound" on the website
under V/A/ "VOLUME: Bed of Sound"
I hope it can help

Abby said...

Thank you for this posting. I know it has been a while since you posted this, however my friend in Korea who is studying sound art is looking for an archive of this exhibition. Would you please share the file or link to the tracks? The above links seems to have expired. I would really appreciate your attention.


Anonymous said...


GEØ! said...

Hello. Any chance this might be uploaded somewhere? Maybe Dropbox? Can’t seem to find a CD anywhere. Thanks in advance.