Sunday, April 13, 2008

Korean Buddhist God-Magnum You!,CD,1995,Japan

The next 4 posts are a kind and generous offer of Mr. Mason Jones....and they are all great!
Post 1:
Welcome to the totally MAAAD world of Korean Buddhist God! Much in the manner of the fab Boredoms, these folks specialize in genuine insanity, appropriating bits of pop culture and mashing it into the strangest discordant collage. Funny, weird and very intense!Imagine Boredons and Unsane jamming together !A real gem!

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Anonymous said...

It's worth anything to hear them singing "hamburger" in a Popeye/Wimpy voice on "Cartoon Is Apocalypse"! (Which totally sounds like a Bruce Andrews title.) Thank you, thank you, Mason Jones!

Anonymous said...

This is amazing, reminds me of scissor shock