Sunday, April 20, 2008


This Dada-related Japanese prog outfit (guitarist Mutsohiko Izumi was one half of the NWW-listed duo) erect dense and hectic walls of febrile prog relentlessness of a vaguely post-Crimson/post-
Mahavishnu cast, with charging heroic guitars set on stun scything their way across fevered keyboard runs and airless blanketing symphonisms. Despite the date, this owes more to the (to my mind anyway) Bi Kyo Ran-related dimension of non-pomp 80's prog than the sorta digital key sub-Genesis cheeseburger moves of much of their prog contemporaries of the period.

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Anonymous said...


Kennedy is wonderful!

I'm always respecting your efforts in your great blog!

Cheers, :)

Unknown said...

This is just great stuff man.

just HEAR the Mahvishnu oodling out!

very cool.
always a treat.
thanks for the effort & energy.

Anonymous said...

none of the links work. "captcha number error or expired" every time.

vdoandsound said...

Anonymous-try the badongo link. Worked on both a mac and a pc.

Anonymous said...

Sure takes balls to cover "Birds of Fire"

Dept. Sounds said...

Man, thanks but none of the posibilities in massmirror works, include badongo, is a waste of time, seems a bad joke���� Please, change your uploads��� Of course, is not your fault. Thanks for All, Dear mutant friends.

Calisan said...

Hi Mutant:
This is great but why the pics are small size? Would you help me with the hi-resolution covers and I'll like to share with the blog with Toto Blanke - Spider's Dance cover front-back Mini LP size.
Cheers from Mexico

Anonymous said...